Transferring Credentials

Transferring Credentials

How to Transfer Credentials (Inter-Assembly Transfer)

Ministerial credentials (commission, license, ordination) are maintained by the state in which you were originally credentialed and are to be transferred to the state in which you are serving in ministry.

Whether you are moving into the Southern California/Southern Nevada or are moving from there to another state, it is your responsibility as a minister in the Church of God movement to take the initiative to transfer your credentials. This is a quick and easy process!!

First, when deciding to leave the jurisdiction of the Church of God in Southern California/Southern Nevada, immediately notify our credentialing team’s chairperson and the Association office and request the team chair to send an Inter-Assembly Transfer to the receiving credentialing committee. If you do not have a Release of Information Form in your file, you will be given one to complete and return to the Association office. You can find the contact information for Southern California’s/Southern Nevada’s credential chair on this website or in the current Church of God Yearbook. Request this as early as possible in your forthcoming move. Your Inter-Assembly Transfer will be sent within 30 days of your completed request.

Second, notify the new state or regional credentials chairperson and Regional Pastor in the state you are relocating, of your arrival and provide both of them with your new contact information. Their contact information can also be found in the current Church of God Yearbook.

Third, notify Church of God Ministries, Data Services Dept. with any change in your contact information, whether physical or e-mail address or your phone number. You can contact Customer Service at

IMPORTANT: Failure to obtain an Inter-Assembly Transfer from your previous Assembly Credentials Chairperson could result in being omitted from the Church of God Yearbook. It is critical that you contact your assembly credentials office immediately upon moving to complete your move/transfer process.