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Cancer and Surgeries

I have a prayer request for you and your churches. My wife, Terri, has had several major surgeries and some minor ones in 2015 due to uterine cancer. She had many complications from the major surgeries. Due to endometriosis her bowel was re-sected a total of 3 times. She now has a massive incisional hernia in her abdomen and her abdominal wall has been completely destroyed from the surgeries. The doctor said she will need another 7 hour surgery in the future (probably in November). She also has two fistulas in her colon that needs repaired first.

We know that God is the great physician and nothing is too hard for Him. Her cancer doctor calls her his walking miracle patient. They told us there is no medical explanation for her improvement. Its a miracle she was even able to come home, much less go back to work and function.

We are thanking God for all that He has already done and are trusting and believing that God is going to bring total restoration to her body. – David Riddle

Jr & Senior High Camp
Pray for your youth and leaders this weekend at camp

Healing for Hubby
My husband Jay has a dangerously high PSA number. Please pray it will soon go way down & that he WILL NOT get prostate cancer! He also needs healing for his never-ending tinnitus! Lord bless. In Christ alone, Wanda Edwards

Pray for the Church, and pray for our local churches