Credentials Process

Credentials Process

What to Expect Of This Credentialing Process

This credentialing process is designed to last three years, broken into six six-month modules, each focusing on a core area of ministry and leadership development. You will begin with the application process where you will fill out a registration form on the Leadership Focus website. You will be In communication with the Credentials Team of Southern California/Nevada throughout this process. You will complete a number of assessments that will help you, the Leadership Focus Team and the Credentials Team to make sure that you gain the greatest benefit from and throughout the entire Credentialling process.

It is the Southern California/Nevada Credentials Team that approves you for entering the Leadership Focus process and, ultimately, that determines the appropriateness of your credentialing, the timing and the appropriateness of the credential offered to you.

Following the completion of the application process and the initial assessments, and upon the approval of the Credentials Team to enter Leadership Focus, you will enter your first online module, Competencies. Here you will be introduced to your first cluster, a group of candidates who will journey with you. Our hope is that this cluster will provide community, relationships, and support as you continue in your growth and development.

Each module will be hosted by a coach, who will lead you through guided webex video training calls, designed to be an interactive teaching platform and allow for dynamic question and answer sessions.

Your attendance and full participation at each call is mandatory. You will also be expected to fulfill each module’s unique requirements, including reading assignments, responses to video resources, and additional evaluations designed to:

  • Give your coach and credentials committee an accurate picture of where you are in your ministry
  • Give you a saved history at the end of your credentialing process from which you can view your own spiritual and ministerial growth, as well as apply what you have taken from each module as you write your final Life and Ministry Plan

The next modules will focus on, in order:
Competencies, Character, Confessions, Connectivity and Celebrations.

You will be expected to meet with your Association Credentials Team after modules one, four and six to continue your progress towards credentialing.

Each Module has a fee associated with it that will cover coaching fees, the development of our unique resources, on-line hosting, and administrative costs. Each module must be paid for before you can be assigned to a cluster. The first module (Commencement) is $275, which provides for the many assessment and background check costs. . The other five modules ( Character, Confessions, Connectivity , Celebrations and Coaching) are $150 each and are paid by you prior to entering that module.

The Association of the Church of God of Southern California will also pay $100 per module for you, too.

The Association leadership: Administrative Board, the Ministerial Conference Officers, the Credentials Team, all encourage the congregations to invest in the continued leadership of the church by providing financial assistance with each of these module fees…throughout the credentialing journey of each participant.

Note: Fees are non-refundable and are subject to change.